my love

ugh I wish I were friends with you in real life T-T

do you know how bad you would look with some short, navy blue haired girl around you

the worst part is

she makes really bad jokes and she laughs at herself
i don’t think you want that

Anonymous said: Virus and Trip discover Furbies

Which one of you asked for this

trashandtrashier said: ROXAS AND AXEL

roxas is so uncomfortable 

ionlyrhymenoizstyle said:

A beaten up Noiz maybe?

ur my kind of person

give me some doodle prompts?

mizu before bed

favorite dmmd boy? :3

this is the worst question evER cause i literally love all of them but…
my overall favorite is probably Mizuki

is usagi really sure that he wants Noiz to love him like Aoba loves Ren? wink wonk ;))


reconsidering it now

it’s been centuries 

I just wanna let you know that you're an AMAZING artist! I haven't been a follower for long, but I hope you get a dream job for w/e you want. I hope it's art, because I wanna see you go big <3 Your coloring, lining, it's all fantastic! You lovely flippin' taco <333

oh my gosh this might be the sweetest message I’ve ever gotten omf g
Th ank you so much omhg I’m crying
thankyouthankyou ;m; <33333

I could scroll through your blog all day omg

don’t it gets weird
i can’t stop u
just be careful